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Our Story

Restoring our Family Farm


Our History 

We are a third generation farm at the foothills of the Appalachian mountains, and at the northern peak of the Daniel Boone National Forest. Dallas Oaks Farm is located in Morehead, KY on nearly 200 acres of land filled with oak and poplar trees. My grandparents bought the family farm in 1950 and was a working tobacco farm until the late 1990s. You could always find him plowing fields with his trusty mule, or shooting the breeze in the barn while eating cherry tomatoes.


My dad, Dallas, continued the hard work of farming until he passed away in 2015. He never met a stranger and instilled in us how to be an example; not by words, but silent actions with humility.  Give, do not receive. Do not ask for thanks, but give thanks; and be curious, not judgmental.  

Once my dad was unable to take care of the farm, he always wished that he seen goats on our farm. My sister and I made this happen. We both raise goats on our farm now, and know our dad is watching and smiling. 

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